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Loan Modification vs. Restructuring

A loan modification will not help your current situation.

During recent years, mortgage lending went through a boom period like no other. During this boom, new lending products, and guidelines were created and mortgage lenders re-shaped the industry into something it had, historically, never been.

As the dust settles from the industry’s current meltdown, it became abundantly clear that mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers alike, had adopted a policy of systematically disregarding homeowner’s rights. Time and time again, they ignored many federal and state statutes and laws. And now, as homeowners struggle to negotiate better terms on their existing mortgages, many have found success through a simple, yet powerful process – FORENSIC MORTGAGE LOAN DOCUMENT AUDIT.

Essentially, when lenders write a loan, they are governed by a myriad of state and federal regulations. As lender guidelines changed, the face of the mortgage industry morphed from one that qualified borrowers and lent in a typically compliant manner, into one that ‘pushed’ mortgages onto borrowers, by lending in a non-compliant manner. More and more homeowners became the victim of predatory lending practices.

Although no one can accurately predict what a non-compliant loan will specifically mean to you, in certain instances a lender may not be able to pursue foreclosure on the homeowner who has non-compliant loans. These homeowners may hold an advantageous position against their lender that they can use when negotiating a new or restructured mortgage on their home.

The Banks Never Want to Give You Your Money Back!

No one knows how bad things were. Many of the non-compliance tracking numbers are slowly coming to light, but the total numbers are simply still unknown. Predicting the percentage of non-compliant loans will be nearly impossible until the problems of the mortgage meltdown have come to a close, and the industry has a chance to view things in hindsight.

But, we know the non-compliant activities were significant. Even Federal Reserve Chief, Ben Bernake, has commented on it- ‘Although the high rate of delinquency has a number of causes, it seems clear that unfair or deceptive acts and practices by lenders resulted in the extension of many loans, particularly high cost loans, that were inappropriate for or misled the borrower.’- NY Times, July 15, 2008, In fact, several regulatory agencies have acknowledged the compliance problem, and have publicly deemed that many lenders have acted inappropriately.

According to a recent FDIC study, an estimated 83% of lenders writing mortgage loans during the last 7 to 10 years were routinely cited for mortgage lending compliance violations. The same study claims that an estimated 85% of those same lenders were routinely cited for serious violations on a multi-year basis. - FDIC Report (,  very interesting reading…

It appears that non-compliance became a somewhat regular practice amongst most mortgage lenders; the report only looked at the Banks and S & L’s, not mortgage brokers. But now, things are different. Housing prices are down, the mortgage market has melted, and everyone is scrambling to hide from the market implosion’s fallout.

Options To Prepare For Your Loan Restructure

Credits Best Solutions helps you by doing a complete Forensic Mortgage Loan Document Audit to determine if your lender failed in their fiduciary responsibilities.

Applying the law and regulations at the time the mortgage was signed, we verify compliance with:

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

  • Home Ownership Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)

  • Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

And so much more…

We can prepare you for your fight. You don’t have to go it alone. We can provide you with the bullets you need for your gun for the fight to save your home! Don’t beg your lender, they are not your best friend!


The Longer You Wait to Address Your Distressed Financial Situation...

...The More Debt and Less Money You Will Have!


Credits Best Solutions offers our clients total security and piece of mind with a full 100% money back guarantee. If we perform our Forensic Loan Document Audit service and are unable to show clear violations of state and/or federal laws, if we are unable to furnish you with the material information needed to assist you in building your case against your lender you will receive a full refund.

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