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Whether you have un-filed tax returns, you owe the IRS back taxes that you cannot pay, or you are the target of a tax collection action such as a wage levy or asset seizure, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of taxpayers that owe back taxes. The majority of taxpayers do not understand their rights before the IRS, which is why you need help to resolve your tax problems.

We understand the tax law and how the IRS operates internally. This allows us to solve your IRS problems in the most efficient and effective manner possible. You have rights and we will protect those rights. We will fight to get you the lowest acceptable offer. Additionally, we can work with you to prevent the IRS or other governmental agencies from taking drastic actions such as tax liens, tax levies, audits, wage garnishment, seizure of assets or imposing additional penalties. Credits Best Solutions offers tax resolution services and IRS help to citizens throughout the United States.

We understand that having a tax problem is a very personal and often very stressful matter. We hope to establish an honest and open working relationship that is not based on false hopes, unreasonable promises, or intimidation tactics.

As your representative, we will ensure that the IRS and/or state tax agencies act within their guidelines, and follow proper procedures when attempting to collect on a tax that may be owed. Our firm will also make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are not violated and that the IRS and/or state tax agencies do not force you to reveal information that may not be pertinent or required, or may be used against you.

By having our firm act on your behalf, you will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS and/or state tax agencies. We will work with you to develop a solution to your tax problems so that you can relax and rest easier.

During this entire process, we will treat you fairly, honestly and with respect. We will respond to all of your inquires on all matters in a timely manner.

Credits Best Solutions was founded to protect taxpayer's rights and assets. We are a nationally recognized settlement firm, focusing on representing taxpayers before the IRS and state governments. Our goal is to get a taxpayer to the point of full compliance and negotiate a settlement with the IRS that gives our client a fresh start in life. We are small enough to give you individual attention, but big enough to handle even the most complicated tax issues.

Each taxpayer's financial situation is different and the means used to resolve each case is different. The successful resolution of your case is dependent upon your representative having a full understanding of your case. We take the time that is required to understand your story. We often find it is the details of your life that help us negotiate the lowest acceptable offer. Too many taxpayer representation firms have taken the cookie cutter approach to resolving all of their client's needs. Don't you deserve a firm that will take the time to listen and understand the reasons that you have tax problems and how you got where you are today?

We understand the emotional roller coaster that our clients ride. We do this everyday, but we make this guarantee, we will not become detached from your concerns. We understand that your tax issues may affect every part of your life and you will have no peace until the problem is solved. We have the education and experience you need. Contact us immediately to start solving your largest problem.

About Our Trusted Tax Services 

It is important to make the right choice when dealing with IRS and State tax problems. We understand how important that choice is to you and we represent only the best services and policies possible. We want to ensure our clients trust our service in order to have the peace of mind they need when having someone handle their tax problems.

Most companies are not immediately open about their policies, prices and services. We believe that our service is far superior to others out there and would like to be up front about what we offer.

  • Free & Confidential Consultation - We will listen to your tax situation and let you know what your best options are and how we can help you.

  • No Retainer Fee Service - This ensures clients they will not be charged more down the road. We offer fair prices that do not change.

  • No pressure agreements - You will have 3 days to change your mind on any decision you make while talking with one of our tax specialists. We put the client first to ensure they are getting the help they actually need and both sides must agree on this.

  • Great Guarantee - We stand behind our services and our professionals with an excellent refund policy. Most companies do not offer this, but we are confident that our services will benefit you and we agree that if our services do not benefit you, there should be no reason for you to pay.

  • No Hidden Fees - We are straight forward with the quotes we provide and do not practice shady marketing techniques by switching prices on clients.

  • An Excellent Tax Team - With a team of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, CPAs, ex-IRS agents and debt specialists, you can be assured that we have the right tax professional to help for your unique tax situation.

  • Service all 50 States - We are able to service individuals in all 50 states no matter what their tax problem. Our goal is to get the state and federal tax agencies off your back so you can get back to your normal life.

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